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The Durance River


One can’t think of a more appropriate river to discover water sports. The Durance flows in a large sun-drenched valley. It offers thrilling grade 3 rapids and calmer zones to make the most of the landscape and play with the currents. You’ve never practised water sports before? Jump in a boat and enjoy a fun and safe experience. You’re in search for thrills? Have a try at inflatable kayaks.

Class III



The Ubaye River


Running from Italy to the Serre Ponçon Lake, the Ubaye is a multi-faceted river. On the one hand, it offers calm sections that can be enjoyed by all the family, on the other one, it is world-renowned for its rapids and its magnificent narrow gorges. This is why the Ubaye valley is not to be missed.
Sorties organisée 1 à 2 fois par semaine, à partir de 12 ans

Class III, IV & V

12 Years old onwards.

Nos activités

White water sports
At least 39 €

A Raft is an inflatable boat that can accommodate from 4 to 12 persons. This very fun and friendly activity is the best way to discover water sports.

Address: L'UbayeThe Durance River
Added: 26.02.21
At least 45 €
Inflatable Kayaks

Our inflatable kayaks are boats for one person and are propelled with a double bladed paddle.

Address: L'UbayeThe Durance River
Added: 28.02.21
At least 45 €

The river sled... Lying prone on a foam floating board, equipped with flippers and a padded wet-suit, you whizz down the river riding the rapids.

Address: L'UbayeThe Durance RiverLe Guil
Added: 28.02.21
At least 28 €
Giant Stand Up Paddle

This time the paddlers are standing on the water... new sensations, new point of view and fun guaranteed.

Address: L'UbayeThe Durance River
Added: 28.02.21