Giant Stand Up Paddle

L'UbayeThe Durance River
At least 25 €

What is the giant paddle ?

The paddlers are standing on the water... Rather unstable at first sight, once you have found your balance and rhythm, this boat, faster than rafting, will offer you new sensations, a new point of view and above all good laughs.

Roc Paddle

Roc paddle...Refreshing discovery or strong sensations, the choice is yours! 1h of giant Stand Up Paddle between the Durance river and the Serre Ponçon lake.
Price : at least €25 per person - 8 years old onwards

Downstream of the Durance (Class 3)

Price: 40 € per person
12 years old onwards

8 years old onwards
Equipment provided
Track Distance Duration Price
Roc Paddle≈ 1h25 €
Chateauroux - Embrun9 Km≈ 1h30 40 €